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"Shepherd of the Hills Country" Photos

Other Branson Area Photos
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While collecting postcards and other photos related to Harold Bell Wright, I have collected other photos from the Shepherd of the Hills country near Branson, Missouri, that may interest you.

Click on Pictures to Enlarge

1. On the reverse of this 8" x 10" glossy photo is written, "Dickens Store and Post Office in Taney County, 1916. In Harold Bell Wright Country, in Shepherd of the Hills Country." It is printed on paper that says, "This paper manufactured by Kodak." The store and post office were built (in 1888) and operated by John T. Dickenson, who named it after the English poet Charles Dickens, which also happens to be the first seven letters of Dickenson's last name.
2. This 8" x 10" glossy photo has no identification on front or back, but I got it with the photo above and I was told this photo was also of Dickens, MO. But Marilyn France, editor of the White River Valley Historical Society Journal does not think so. "There was only one Dickens store that I am aware of," she says. "There was a store in Taney City, on the back road from Dickens to Taneyville."

For those who want to know more, she adds: "The whole area was Taney City when that [Taney City] post office was established in 1858 [where Taneyville is now, was called the North Division] & it discontinued in 1875. [Where Dickens was located later, in 1897, was called the South Division of Taney City]  The Taneyville post office was established in 1894 and the Dickens post office was established in 1897."

"John T. Dickenson was the Postmaster in the Taney City store also - when it ceased to exist. Eglinton Post Office started in 1882 [Jacob Hulett was the Post Master] the exact same place as Taney City. That discontinued about 1888, but then was re-established for a short period of time again in 1888 as Taney City, with Elizabeth Simmons as postmaster. Taneyville post office was established in 1894.
When John T. Dickenson was no longer the postmaster at Taney City, he then built his own store that year - the original Dickens Store [Photo #1] the same one I sent to you.

The entire history of Taney City/Eglington/Dickens is in the Vol. 45, No. 1 Summer 2006 edition of the White River Valley Historical Society Journal.

3. Here is a closer look at the sign that says, "Star Brand Shoes are Better." Across the bottom is hand-lettered what I take to be the name of the store, possibly "Garbey Bros." Let me know if you have information. gc
4. Original store in Dickens and home of John T. Dickenson. Photo courtesy of Marilyn Stuart France, who adds: "This original store and home was built in 1888 and the post office was added in 1897. John T. Dickenson died in 1910. His widow ran the store, along with her son, Jack Dickenson. The original building burned in 1930. Another one was built out in front of it and still stands today [2007].
5. Sign in this 3-1/2" by 5" photo says, "Post Office." On back of card is hand-written, "Post Office at Chadwick, MO., 1916." Chadwick in 23 miles SE of Springfield. gc.
6. Shepherd of the Hills Novelty Shop, Reeds Spring, Missouri. Real Photo postcard. Courtesy of Rodney  Faris who says it shop was owned by his great-uncle Dave Faris.
The Photos below are selected from 89 snapshots found in a photo album assembled by a student at the School of the Ozarks [now the College of the Ozarks] in 1920 to 1923. I have included the inscriptions as found in the album. I bought the album in an antique mall in Ozark, Missouri.
1. Bide-A-Wee, 1923 2. Tents on Presbyterian Hill, 1923
3. Presbyterian Hill, 1923 4. At Branson, 1923
5. Uncle Ike Postmaster, 1923 6. Branson Bridge, 1923
7. Ready for a Swim, 1923 8. Mr. Barney Morgan, 1923
9. The Captain, Branson, August 1923 10. Branson from Presbyterian Hill. August 1923
11. Shepherd of the Hills Country. August 1923 12. Branson Bridge. August 1923
13. View from Window, Room 28. August 1923 14. Presbyterian Hill from Branson Bridge.  August 1923
15. On Presbyterian Hill. August 1923 16. Mr. and Mrs. Hendricks. August 1923
17. Taken on Way to White River Dam, Summer, 1920. [Evidently the dam] 18. Taken on Way to White River Dam, Summer, 1920.
19. Taken on Way to White River Dam, Summer, 1920. 20. Taken on Way to White River Dam, Summer, 1920.
21. Taken on Way to White River Dam, Summer, 1920. 22. Taken on Way to White River Dam, Summer, 1920.
23. Taken on Way to White River Dam, Summer, 1920. 24. Taken on Way to White River Dam, Summer, 1920. [The Virginia May]
25. On Presbyterian Hill, Summer, 1920 26. On Way to Cave, 1920
27. Shepherd of the Hills Country, 1920 28. After Going in Cave, 1920
29. On Presbyterian Hill, Summer, 1920 30. Uncle Matt's Cabin, Shepherd of the Hills, 1920. [Old Matt's Cabin]
31. School of the Ozarks, 1923 32. View from School of the Ozarks, 1923
33. [another view from School of Ozarks, 1923] 34. On the way to Branson, 1923. [note two box cameras.]
35. On the way to Branson, 1923. [note two box cameras.] 36. Girls Dorm, School of the Ozarks, 1923
37. View from Presbyterian Hill, 1923. [this is a postcard] 38. On the way to Branson, 1923
There are an additional 51 photos in this student's scrapbook. They mostly show students at the School of the Ozarks. Some show parts of buildings on the campus in 1920. I can add them if you would like.
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Other Branson Area Photos
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