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The Harold Bell Wright Society

A non-profit organization devoted to researching and publicizing the life and legacy of Harold Bell Wright, the turn-of-the-twentieth-century author whose 'moral and spiritual message' books sold millions, but whose work is largely unacknowledged by scholars.  The Harold Bell Wright Society publishes the quarterly, 4-page . . . 

. . ."Harold Bell Wright Gazette."

All HBW Society members receive the Gazette free of charge.  Back issues $2.50. Membership $6.00 per year. We can also supply books and memorabilia. To see the deluxe, gift edition of "The Winning of Barbara Worth" published by the Harold Bell Wright Society, click here.  Send e-mail message or self-addressed stamped envelope for more info.


Address: 523A Pine Avenue
(P.O. Box 55)
Holtville, CA 92250
Phone: 760-356-1138
Fax: 760-356-2778


Log of Harold Bell Wright Gazette

 (All stories are by the editor, Quentin Burke, unless otherwise noted)

Vol. 1, No.1,  8/15/1992  

  • Society Inviting Memberships, Quentin Burke
  • HBW Family Supportive of Society
  • Bill and JoAnne Johnson proud of “Mint” Set
  • Book of Verse, Sketches of HBW

Vol. 1, No.2,  11/15/1992

  • HBW Stamp Issue is Proposed.  Supporters Invited to Write . . . .
  • Who Was Dorothy Parker Anyway?
  • Star of “Barbara” [Vilma Banky] Death Kept Secret
  • Pierce City Library is a Must on Any HBW Pilgrimage

Vol. 1, No.3,  4/15/1993

  • In Missouri: Newspaper Supports HBW Stamp, Kathy Oeschle
  • HBW Bibliography Now Available From Society
  • Was He First To Sell a Million Copies? Gerry Chudleigh
  • His Only Picture?
  • His Claim to Fame: He Cut Author’s Hair, poem by R. C. Allen

Vol. 1, No.4,  6/15/1993

  • HBW The Preacher . . . A Personal Memoir, [Williams]
  • Radio Commentator [Paul Harvey] Plugs HBW
  • The Brian Kent Dust Jacket Mystery

Vol. 2, No.1,  9/15/1993

  • Rush Sees Branson, Misses Tie With HBW
  • HBW Writes Inscription on “Divine Selfishness”
  • Richard Bland Statue in Lebanon, MO
  • Dale Carnegie on HBW

Vol. 2, No.2,  12/15/1993

  • Pittsburg Keeps HBW Lore Alive, Ellen Burke
  • Newspaper Search [by Gene DeGruson] Provides Insight

Vol. 2, No.3,  3/15/1994

  • In Arizona: HBW in the Classroom [re: Richard Moore]
  • Jean Wright Dies at 71

Vol. 2, No.4,  6/15/1994

  • HBW Noted as Western Writer [re: book by Lawrence V. Tagg]
  • Sheet Music is Collector’s Item [re: Out Where the West Begins]
  • HBW Book [Shepherd] Available Now on Audio Cassettes
  • HBW Fan [Bonnie Oinos] Delights in Book Inscriptions

Vol. 3, No.1,  9/15/1994

  • Yule Greetings to HBW Fans
  • “A Desert Santa Claus,” by Harold Bell Wright

Vol. 3, No.2,  12/15/1994

  • Society Slueths Unravel Mystery of "Olga" Inscriptions in Books

Vol. 3, No.3,  03/15/1995

  • The "Olga" Mystery Continued
  • Movie Buffs Ask: Will the Real "Shepherd" Please Stand Up?

Vol. 3, No.4,  05/15/1995

  • "Keeping Christmas," by Harold  Bell Wright
  • Now We Bring You "Olga's" Photo

Vol. 4, No.1,  9/15/1995

  • HBW’s Quiet Hills Farm Today, by Gerry Chudleigh
  • Chronology of Early “Printer” Editions is Quite A Puzzle

Vol. 4, No.2,  12/15/1995

  • The Writer Builds a Fishing Boat
  • One Old, One New for Your HBW Collection [re: Printer and Four Brothers]
  • “When A Man” . . . the Movie

Vol. 4, No.3,  3/15/1996

  • The Writer Builds a Fishing Boat, part two
  • HBW’s Stay in Lebanon Was Brief, Eventful, by Eric Tudor

Vol. 4, No.4,  6/15/1996

  • HBW Exhibit Opens in California
  • HBW’s Stay in Lebanon Was Brief, Eventful, Part Two, by Eric Tudor

Vol. 5, No.1,  9/15/1996

  • A Window, by Harold Bell Wright
  • Movie, Reading to Honor HBW
  • Three Gems from the HBW Legacy

Vol. 5, No.2,  12/15/1996

  • Preachments, HBW’s Last Interview? [with Hubbard Keavy, 1939]
  • HBW In Lebanon [concluding tidbits]

Vol. 5, No.3,  03/15/1997

  • Family Present as HBW Inducted Into Missouri Writers Hall of Fame
  • Pearl Buck Suffers Same Fate as HBW [criticized and ignored]

Vol. 5, No.4,  06/15/1997

  • HBW Publisher Became Auto Salesman
  • Revised and Enlarged HBW Book Published [by Gerry Chudleigh]
  • DeGruson Was Librarian, HBW Researcher [Died June 18, 1997]

Vol. 6, No.1,  9/15/1997

  • Elsbery Reynolds Switched From Book Publisher to 'Poetic' Auto Salesman
  • Reception Marks Donation of “Barbara” to Museum  
  • Poetry? Doggerel? Advertising Copy?
  • Reynolds Family Tree Boasts Six Elsberys
  • Their Yesterdays, a Review by Elsbery W. Reynolds

Vol. 6, No.2,  12/15/1997

  • Reynolds Memorabilia Now Housed at UCLA

Vol. 6, No.3,  03/15/1998

  • Manuscript of “Barbara” Comes Home
  • Biographer says: Know Wright to Understand His Work

Vol. 6, No.4,  06/15/1998

  • HBW Museum Reopens At Homestead Following Demise of Mutton Hollow
  • Imperial County Historical Society Issues Special. . .Edition of "Barbara"

Vol. 7, No.1,  9/15/1998

  • Deep Freeze Hinders . . . New HBW Museum and Theater [Branson]
  • Winners Listed For Commemorative “Barbara”
  • Gazette Too Modest on Barbara Worth Ranking
  • Library Extension [Holtville] Uncovers HBW Letter

Vol. 7, No.2,  12/15/1998

  • The Mathematical Odds of Brian Kent
  • New Bids Sought for HBW Museum Building [Branson]
  • Brian Kent Artist Did Tarzan Books

Vol. 7, No.3,  3/15/1999

  • HBW Takes Aim at “Boston Bookworms”
  • Fire at SOH Puts Museum on Back Burner
  • HBW Aided Desert Sanitorium in Tucson
  • (Photo of wrong "HBW home" on back of dustjacket of Storyteller to America, and photo of Wright's real home in Tucson.)

Vol. 7, No.4,  6/15/1999

  • Lilly Documents Reveal HBW’s Appleton Years
  • Fireworks from Reynolds on HBW’s Publisher Change
  • Double Column “Shepherd” Located in British Columbia
  • Wright Birthplace Now A Clubhouse

Vol. 8, No.1,  9/15/1999

  • Monument Unveiling Due on February 15 [El Centro]
  • Student in Texas Plans Thesis on HBW
  • HBW Birthplace Today – Golf-cart City!

Vol. 8, No.2,  12/15/1999

  • Native Sons Honor Harold Bell Wright [Plaque]
  • HBW, the Bishop [Fulton Sheen], and Walter Winchell

Vol. 8, No.3,  3/15/2000

  • Pierce City Proposes HBW Museum
  • SoH Issues Millennium “Shepherd” Set
  • HBW Memorabilia Sale [June Way collection]

Vol. 8, No.4,  6/15/2000 (published 7/1/00)

  • "Chudsite" Loaded with HBW Information.  New Website Now On-Line []
  • The Enigma of Lights of Paris.  Condensed from Gerry Chudleigh's New Web Site by Editor Quentin Burke

Vol. 9, No.1, 9/15/2000

  • Branson: HBW Museum/Theater Plans Revised
  • New Book Focuses on Collectibles [The Legacy of Harold Bell Wright, Eric Tudor]

Vol. 9, No. 2, 12/15/2000 (Published September, 2001)

  • HBW's Youngest Son, Norman Wright, Dies
  • Norman Wright in Stereo 3-D
  • Radiogram and Response Tell A Story. . . [about The Man WhoWent Away]

Vol. 9, No. 3, 03/15/2001 (Published November, 2001)

  • On the Trail With HBW: Author Was Early Visitor to Rainbow Bridge
  • Our Christmas Gift to Members: $5 Off Coupon For Our "Barbara"
  • Chudsite Now Available on CD
  • Big Bucks for Room Key (to Barbara Worth Hotel, $140 on eBay)

Vol. 9, No. 4, 06/15/2001 (Published April, 2001)

  • HBW Park to be Upgraded and Signed (Memorial in Tucson)
  • HBW Remembered in Tucson (Photographs by Burke)
  • State Names Tecolote Rancho State Historical Landmark, Plaque Due

Vol. 10, No. 1, 09/15/2001 (Published July, 2002)

  • Fire Guts Building at Shepherd Farm
  • State, E Clampus Vitus, Team For Plaque at Tecolote

Vol. 10, No. 2, 12/15/2001 (Published November, 2002)

  • U of A Home of Finest HBW Resource (includes list of collection)
  • New Location for HBW Website (, rather than
  • Professional Pulpit Pounder
  • New Book on Memorabilia and Collectibles Released (Legacy of Harold Bell Wright, by Eric Tudor).

Vol. 11, No. 1, 09/15/2002 (Published March, 2004)

  • Spared in Tornado: Pierce City Church Now Museum Featuring HBW
  • Two Collections of HBW Books, Memorabilia for Sale
  • Recycled Lebanon K-Mart Will Become Home to HBW Display [Tudor Collection]

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