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George E. Hall Photos

In Numeric Order -- Part Two

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Real Photo Postcards Produced by Hall Photo Co., Branson, Mo.


In 1916 George E. Hall and his Family moved from Notch, near Branson, Missouri, to Galena, on the James River and near Reeds Spring, Missouri. That move appears to have occurred at about photo number 400. But in the early 500s he seems to have returned to the Branson area for a few pictures.  We will start with a specially numbered comic series.
Click to Enlarge
  401. The Tunnel
405. The Spring & Hotel, Reeds Spring, Mo.,  Courtesy Larry Allen
  406. Bush Hotel Reed Springs Mo  PM Reeds Spring 5/23/10 
  407. The Bush Hotel, Reeds Spring, Mo.
408. The Spring, Reed Springs Mo,  Courtesy Larry Allen  2 different backs: 1 with plain back; 1 with Made by G. E. Hall, Gretna, Mo stamped on back
409. A Spring in the Ozarks. Courtesy Dave Hadsell
  410. Loading Ties Reed Springs, Mo.
  411.Tie Yards Reed Springs  (could this be the same as 000X?) 
  413. White River Ry Depot, Reeds Spring, Mo.
  414. The Tunnel, Reeds Spring, Mo
  415 [a].  (A Wagon Load of Ties)
  415 [b].  Loading Logs Reeds Spring, Mo.
  416. View From Tunnel, Reeds Spring, Mo
417. Bird's Eye View Of Reeds Spring Mo.  Courtesy Larry Allen
  418. East End of the Tunnel, Reeds Spring Mo.
  419.  View From Tunnel, Reeds Spring, Mo.
  420 "The Spring", Reeds Spring, Mo.
  421. View Of Reeds Spring, Mo.
  422. Angora Goats, Stone Co. Mo.
  424. Loading Ties, Reeds Spring Mo.  Made by G. E. Hall, Notch Mo 
  425. View On Spring St., Reeds Spring Mo  Made by G. E. Hall, Notch, Mo stamped on back 
  427.  Main St. Looking North, Reeds Spring, Mo.  2 different backs: 1 Made by G. E. Hall, Notch, Mo stamped on back; 1 with plain back  PM ? ?/23/19 
429. Early Peaches, June '09, Stone Co. Mo. Courtesy Gary Hines
430. Peaches & Cream June '09 Stone Co. Mo.  Courtesy Larry Allen

431 [a]. The Horseless Carriage Reeds Spring, Mo., [On the back of Larry Allen's card George Hall wrote by hand, "This is the man that owns the team."] Courtesy Larry Allen. Click here to see Reverse of card.

[431b]. No number but stamped on back "Made by G. E. Hall, Notch, Mo." Obviously similar to card #431, above. Courtesy Larry Allen. A copy of this card was offered on eBay by a seller who said the card had been given to an ancestor 10 years earlier. He commented that "This is a view in Reeds Spring, Missouri, of L.Sinclair 'Doc' Shumate, the local doctor, and his partner, Joe Meredith, who ran the pharmacy." This card, with these men on it, also appeared with no number on front.

[431c]. No number but stamped on back "Made by G. E. Hall, Notch, Mo." Obviously similar to card #431, above. Courtesy Larry Allen [Trenton Boyd has a copy of this card on which George Hall wrote by hand on the back, "This is my buggy. I borrowed the team of 'Jennies' from a tie-maker in Reeds Spring Mo. & took several pictures with different parties in the buggy. G.E.H."]  Reverse
  431 [z]. Angora Goats, Stone Co. Mo.
434.  Elberta Peaches from W. E.Sharp's Fruit Farm, Reeds Spring, Mo. Courtesy Gary Hines
  435.  White River Ry, Stone, Co. Mo
  436. White River Rail-Road, Stone Co. Mo.
  437. Roark Switch, Stone Co. Mo. White River Railroad
  438. Secion Men On The White River Rail-Road, Stone Co. Mo.
  439. Crossing White River Near Kimberling Park, Stone Co. Mo.
  441. The Tunnel, Reeds Spring, Mo
  442. White River Ry., Stone Co. Mo.
443. Regular Passenger Train, White River Ry. Stone Co. Mo. Courtesy Darren Conn
444. Passenger Train Leaving Tunnel, Reeds Spring, Mo. Courtesy Darren Conn
445. The Tunnel, Reeds Spring Mo. Courtesy Larry Allen.  One copy postmarked Reeds Spring 8/21/13.
449. Street Scene, Reeds Spring, Mo. Courtesy Larry Allen
452. Dancing at an Ozark Picnic.
460. "Galena to Branson Float" Mouth of the James River, White River in Distance, Stone Co. Mo. Courtesy Larry Allen
  460. Mouth Of The James River White River In The Distance Stone Co. Mo.  Made by G. E. Hall Notch Mo. stamped on back  PM Reeds Spring 9/2/09 
  465. The James River Bald Joe Mts. In The Distance Stone Co. Mo.  PM  Reeds Spring  6/21/13 
  467. Cattle Scene- White River Farm, Stone Co. Mo
  469.  Pinkley's Ferry, White River, Stone Co. Mo.  Pinkley’s Ferry White River Stone Co. Mo.  Galena Mo. To Branson Float  The Hall Photo Co. stamped on back 
  470. Pinkley's Ferry, White River, Stone Co. Mo.
  472. View on White River Near Marmaros, Mo.
  474. Large Wild Cat Captured in Stone Co. Mo. Message reads: This cat was caught in a trap made by F. L. Allen in Reed’s Spring, Mo. 

476. White Rock Bluff, Stone Co. Mo.  PM Reeds Spring 1/23/11

  478. White Rock Bluff On White River, Stone Co. Mo.
  479. Farm Scene in Northern Stone Co. Mo.
  480. Entrance Wild Cat Cave, Stone Co. Mo.
  482. Watering the horses in White River, O'Dell Ranch, Stone Co. Mo.
491. Ready For the Hunt, 491 Hall Photo Co. Courtesy Dennis Ragan (Dragan Collection)

This card is postmarked Sept. 19, 1911, Galena, Mo.  Message: "Dear Sis- All are fine and having a good time.  Have not seen Mrs. H. yet, but he said she was O.K.  Know you like men who hunt. I send this, Stella."  Addressed to Miss Laura Brown, Boston Store, Springfield Mo.

  496. Reeds Spring, Mo. (Street scene, showing Cash Racket Store, W.E. McCullah store, post office.)
  496. Angora Goats, Stone Co. Mo.
497. Onions From W. E. Sharp's Farm, Stone Co. Mo.  Courtesy Gary Hines
  498. A Stone Co. Spring
  499. An Ozark Fire Place

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