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II.  My Maiden Effort, edited by Gelett Burgess 

20.  My Maiden Effort, Being the Personal Confessions of Well-known American Authors as to their Literary Beginnings, edited by Gelett Burgess. Garden City, New York, and Toronto: Doubleday, Page,  1921.  One hundred twenty-six authors including a one-half page contribution by Harold Bell Wright.

Following is the "List of Authors" that serves as a table of contents in the book:


 1. Adams, Samuel Hopkins --I [Page number] Author of: The Great American Fraud; The Mystery (with Stewart Edward White); The Flying Death; Average Jones; The Secret of Lonesome Cove; The Clarion; Little Miss Grouch; The Unspeakable Perk; Our Square and the People in It; Common Cause.

2. Ade, George --3 Author of: Artie; Pink Marsh; Doc Horne; Fables in Slang; More Fables; The Girl Proposition; People You Knew; Breaking Into Society; True Bills; In Pastures New; The Slim Princess;. Knocking the Neighbors; Ade's Fables. Plays: The Sultan of Sulu; Peggy from Paris; The County Chairman; The Sho-Gun; The College Widow; The Bad Samaritan; Just Out of College; Marse Covington; Mrs. Peckham's Carouse; Father and the Boys; The Fair Co-Ed; The Old Town; Nettie.

3. Allen, James Lane --6 Author of: Flute and Violin; The Blue Grass Region, and Other Sketches of Kentucky; John Gray; A Kentucky Cardinal; Aftermath; A Summer in Arcady; The Choir Invisible; The Reign of Law; The Mettle of the Pasture; The Bride of the Mistletoe; The Doctor's Christmas Eve; The Heroine in Bronze; The Last Christmas Tree; Sword of Youth; The Cathedral Singer; Kentucky Warbler; Emblems of Fidelity.

4. Atherton, Gertrude --8 Author of: The Doomswoman; A Whirl Asunder; Patience Sparhawk and Her Times; His Fortunate Grace; American Wives and English Husbands; The Californians; A Daughter of the Vine; The Valiant Runaways; Senator North: The Aristocrats; The Conqueror; The Splendid Idle Forties; A Few of Hamilton's Letters; Rulers of Kings; The Bell in the Fog; The Traveling Thirds; Rezanov; Ancestors; The Gorgeous Isle; Tower of Ivory; Julia France and Her Times; Perch of the Devil; California-an Intimate History; Before the Gringo Came; Mrs. Balfame; The Living Present; The White Morning; The Avalanche.

5. Austin, Mary   --12 Author of: The Land of Little Rain; The Basket Woman; Isidro; The Flock; Santa Lucia; Lost Borders; Christ in Italy; Woman of Genius; The Arrow Maker, (play); The Lovely Lady; Fire, (drama); Love and the Soul Maker; The Man Jesus; The Man Who Didn't Believe in Christmas, (play); The Ford; The Young Woman Citizen; The Trail Book; Outland.

6. Bacheller, Irving --17 Author of: The Master of Silence; The Still House of O'Darrow; Eben Holden; D'ri and I; Darrel of the Blessed Isles; Vergilius; Silas Strong; The Hand Made Gentleman; The Master; Keeping Up With Lizzie; Charge It; The Turning of Grigsby; Marryers; The Light in the Clearing; Keeping Up With William; A Man for the Ages.

7. Bacon, Josephine Dodge Daskam --17 Author of: Smith College Stories; Sister's Vocation and Other Girls' Stories; The Imp and the Angel; Fables for the Fair; The Madness of Philip; Whom the Gods Destroyed; Middle Aged Love Stories; Poems; Memoirs of a Baby; Her Fiance; The Domestic Adventurers; Ten to Seventeen; An Idyll of All Fools' Day; In the Border Country; Biography of a Boy; While Caroline Was Growing; Margarita's Soul; The Inheritance; The Strange Cases of Doctor Stanchon; The Luck O' Lady Joan; To-day's Daughter; Open Market.  Compiled:  Best Nonsense Verse; On Our Hill; Square Peggy.

8. Baker, Ray Stannard --19 Author of: Boys' Book of Inventions; Our New Prosperity; Seen in Germany; Second Boys' Book of Inventions; Following the Color Line; New Ideals in Healing; The Spiritual Unrest: What Wilson Did at Paris.  Also under pseudonym of David Grayson: Adventures in Contentment; Adventures in Friendship; The Friendly Road; Hempfield; Great Possessions.

9. Barbour, Ralph Henry --22 Author of: Phyllis in Bohemia (with L. H. Bickford); The Halfback; For the Honor of the School; Captain of the Crew; Behind the Line; The Land of Joy; Weatherby's Inning; The Book of School and College Sports; On Your Mark; The Arrival of Jimpson: Kitty of the Roses; Four in Camp; An Orchard Princess; Four Afoot; The Crimson Sweater; A Maid in Arcady; Holly; Tom, Dick and Harriet; Four Afloat; The Spirit of the School; Harry's Island; Forward Pass; My Lady of the Fog; Captain Chub; Double Play; The Lilac Girl; The Golden Heart; Winning His "Y"; The New Boy at Hilltop; Kingsford, Quarter; The House in the Hedge; Team Mates; For Yardley; Finkler's Field; Joyce of the Jasmines; The Harbor of Love; Crofton Chums; Cupid en Route; Change Signals; The Junior Trophy; Around the End; Lady Laughter; Partners Three; Benton's Venture; The Brother of a Hero; Left End Edwards: The Story My Doggie Told to Me; The Lucky Seventh; Danforth Plays the Game; The Secret Play; Left Tackle Thayer; Heart's Content, etc.

10. Beach, Rex. Author of: Pardners; The Spoilers; The Barrier; The Silver Horde; Going Some; The Ne'er-do-Well; The Net; The Iron Trail; The Auction Block; Heart of the Sunset; Rainbow's End; The Crimson Gardenia; The Winds of Chance.  Plays:  Going Some (with Paul Armstrong); The Spoilers (with James McArthur).

11. Boyle, Virginia Frazer Author of: Brokenburne; Devil Tales; Serena; Love Songs and Bugle Calls; Union; Christ in the Argonne; Song of Memphis.

12. Braley, Berton --30 Author of: Sonnets of a Freshman; Oracle on Smoke; Sonnets of a Suffragette; Songs of a Workaday World; Things As They Are; A Banjo at Armageddon; In Camp and Trench; Buddy Ballads.

13. Burgess, Gelett --31 Author of: Vivette; The Lively City O' Ligg; Goops and How to be Them; A Gage of Youth (poems) ; Burgess Nonsense Book; Romance of the Commonplace (essays); More Goops; The Picaroons (with Will Irwin) ; The Reign of Queen Isyl (with same); The Ruhaiyat of Omar Cayenne; A Little Sister of Destiny; Are You a Bromide?; The White Cat; The Heart Line; The Maxims of Methuselah; Blue Goops and Red; Lady Mechante; Find the Woman; The Master of Mysteries; The Goop Directory; The Maxims of Noah; Love in a Hurry; Burgess Unabridged; The Goop Encyclopedia; Romance of the Commonplace (enlarged); War the Creator; Mrs. Hope's Husband; Gook Tales.  Plays:  The Cave Man.

14. Butler, Ellis Parker Author of: French Decorative Styles; Pigs is Pigs; The Incubator Baby; Perkins of Portland; Great American Pie Co.; Confessions of a Daddy; Kilo; That Pup; Cheerful Smugglers; Mike Flannery; Thin Santa Claus; Water Goats; Adventures of a Suburbanite; Jack-Knife Man; Red Head; Dominie Dean; Goat's Feathers; Philo Gubb.

15. Carpenter, Edward Childs Author of: The Chasm; Captain Courtesy; The Code of Victor Jallot; The Easy Mark.  Plays:  The Dragon-Fly (with John Luther Long); Captain Courtesy; Remembrance; The Barber of New Orleans; The Challenge; The Tongues of Men; The Cinderella Man; The Pipes of Pan; The Three Bears. 

16. Chambers, Robert W. --57 Author of: In the Quarter; The King in Yellow; The Red Republic; A King and a Few Dukes; The Maker of Moons; With the Band; The Mystery of Choice; Lorraine; Ashes of Empire; The Haunts of Men; The Cambric Mask; Outsiders; The Conspirators; Cardigan; The Maid-at-Arms; Outdoor-Land; The Maids of Paradise; Orchard Land; Forest Land; Iole; The Fighting Chance; Mountain Land; Tracer of Lost Persons; The Tree of Heaven; The Firing Line; Some Ladies in Haste; The Danger Mark; The Special Messenger; Hide and Seek in Forestland; The Green Mouse; Ailsa Page; Blue- bird Weather; Japonette; Streets of Ascalon; Adventures of a Modest Man; Business of Life; The Common Law; Gay Rebellion; Who Goes There; The Hidden Children; Athalie; Police!!!; The Dark Star; The Better Man; The Girl Philippa; Barbarians; the Restless Sex; The Moonlit Way; In Secret; The Crimson Tide.  Plays:  The Witch of Elangowan.

17. Child, Richard Washburn Author of: Jim Hands; The Man in the Shadow; The Blue Wall; Potential Russia; Bodbank.

18. Cobb, Irvin S. --40 Author of: Back Home; Cobb's Anatomy; The Escape of Mr. Trimm; Cobb's Bill of Fare; Roughing it De Luxe; Europe Revised; Paths of Glory; Old Judge Priest; Fibble, D.D.; Speaking of Operations--; Local Color; Speaking of Prussians--; Those Times and These; The Glory of the Coming; The Thunders of Silence; The Life of the Party; From Place to Place; Oh, Well, You Know How Women Are!; The Abandoned Farmers.   Wrote: New York Through Funny Glasses series; The Hotel Clerk series; Live Talks With Dead Ones; Making Peace at Portsmouth; The Belled Buzzard; Twixt the Bluff and the Sound; Shakespeare's Seven Ages and Mine; The Island of Adventure, etc.   Plays: Funabashi; Mr. Busybody; Back Home (with Bayard Veiller); Sergeant Bagby (with Bozeman Bulger); Guilty as Charged (with Harry Burke); Under Sentence (with Roi Cooper Megrue).

19. Cooke, Edmund Vance --42 Author of: A Patch of Pansies; Rimes to Be Read; Impertinent Poems; Chronicles of the Little Tot; Told to the Little Tot; A Morning's Mail; Little Songs for Two; I Rule the House; Basbology; The Story Club; The Uncommon Commoner; Just Then Something Happened.

20. Cutting, Mary Stewart --44  Author of: Little Stories of Married Life; Heart of Lynn; Little Stories of Courtship; More Stories of Married Life; The Suburban Whirl; The Wayfarers; Just For Two; The Unforeseen; Lovers of Sanna; Refractory Husbands; The Blossoming Rod.

21. Dawson, Coningsby 47 Author of: The Worker and Other Poems; The House of the Weeping Woman; Murder Point; The Road to Avalon; The Garden Without Walls; Florence on a Certain Night (poems); The Raft; Slaves of Freedom; The Seventh Christmas; Carry On; The Glory of the Trenches; Out to Win; Living Bayonets; The Test of Scarlet.

22. Delano, Edith Barnard 48 Author of: Zebedee V.; The Land of Content; The Colonel's Experiment; Rags; The White Pearl; June; To-morrow Morning; Two Alike.

23. Dodd, Lee Wilson. --49 Author of: The Book of Susan.   (Poems) A Modern Alchemist; The Middle Miles.   Plays: The Return of Eve; Speed; Pals First.

24. Dodge, Henry Irving --52 Author of: The Other Mr. Barclay; The Hat and the Man; Skinner's Dress Suit; Skinner's Baby; Skinner's Big Idea; He Made His Wife His Partner.   Plays: The Counsel for the Defense; The Higher Court; The Whirlpool; The Love Thought; The Recoil.

25. Eaton, Walter Prichard ' 54 Author of: The American Stage of Today; The Runaway Place (with Elise Underhill); At the New Theatre and Others; Boy Scouts of Berkshire; Boy Scouts in the Dismal Swamp; Barn Doors and Byways; The Man Who Found Christmas; Boy Scouts in the White Mountains; The Idyl of Twin Fires; New York; Boy Scouts of the Wild Cat Patrol; Plays and Players; The Bird House Man; Peanut, Cub Reporter; Green Trails and Upward Pastures; Newark; Boy Scouts in Glacier Park; Echoes and Realities (verse); In Berkshire Fields.

26. England, George Allan 55 Author of: Underneath the Bough; The Story of the Appeal; Darkness and Dawn; The Air Trust; The Alibi; Pod, Bender & Co.; The Golden Blight; The Gift Supreme; The Greater Crime; Cursed; Keep off the Grass; Their Son; The Necklace (Spanish trans.); The Flying Legion.

27. Ferber, Edna 57 Author of: Dawn O'Hara; Buttered Side Down; Roast Beef Medium; Personality Plus; Emma McChesney & Co.; Fanny Herself; Cheerful--By Request.

28. Flagg, James Montgomery 58 Author of: Yankee Girls Abroad; Tomfoolery; "If--a Guide to Bad Manners; Why They Married; All in the Same Boat; City People; The Adventures of Kitty Cobb; I Should Say So; The Mystery of the Hated Man.

29. Forbes, James 61 Author of: (plays) The Chorus Lady; The Traveling Salesman; The Commuters; A Rich Man's Son; The Show Shop; The Famous Mrs. Fair.

30. Forman, Henry James 63 Author of: In the Footprints of Heine; The Ideal Italian Tour; London--An Intimate Picture; The Captain of His Soul; Fire of Youth.   Plays: Prisoner of the World (with Margaret Mayo).

31. Garland, Hamlin 66 Author of: Main-Traveled Roads; Jason Edwards; A Little Norsk; Prairie Folks; A Spoil of Office; A Member of the 3d House; Crumbling Idols; Rose of Dutchers Coolly; Wayside Courtships; Ulysses Grant; Prairie Songs; The Spirit of Sweetwater; The Eagle's Heart; Her Mountain Lover; The Captain of the Gray Horse Troop; Hesper; Light of the Star; The Tyranny of the Dark; The Long Trail; Money Magic; Boy Life on the Prairie; The Shadow world; Cavanagh, Forest Ranger; Victor Olnee's Discipline; Other Main Traveled Roads; A Son of the Middle Border.

32. Garrison, Theodosia 67 Author of: The Joy O' Life and Other Poems; Earth Cry and Other Poems; The Dreamers.

33. Gates, Eleanor 69 Author of: The Biography of a Prairie Girl; The Plow-Woman; Good Night; Cupid, The Cow-Punch; The Justice of Gideon; Spinners;   Plays: The Poor Little Rich Girl; We Are Seven; Apron-Strings; Phoebe; Piggie.

34. Gerould, Katharine Fullerton 71 Author of: Vain Oblations; The Great Tradition; Hawaii, Scenes and Impressions; A Change of Air; Modes and Morals.

35. Glass, Montague 75 Author of: Potash and Perlmutter; Abe and Mawruss; Elkan Luliliner--American; Object: Matrimony; Competitive Nephew; Worrying Won't Win; Potash and Perlmutter Settle Things.     Plays: Potash and Perlmutter (with Charles Klein); Abe and Mawruss (with R: C. Megrue); Object: Matrimony (with J. E. Goodman); Business Before Pleasure; Why Worry?; His Hat in the Ring.

36. Grant, Robert. 76 Author of: The Confessions of a Frivolous Girl; The Little Tin Gods-on-Wheels; The Lambs; Yankee Doodle; The Oldest School in America; Jack Hall; Jack in the Bush; The Carletons; Mr.. Harold Stagg; An Average Man; The Knave of Hearts; A Romantic Young Lady; Face to Face; The Bachelor's Christmas, and Other Stories; The Reflections of a Married Man; The Opinions of a Philosopher; The Art of Living; Search-Light Letters; Unleavened Bread; The Undercurrent; The Orchid; The Law-breakers; The Chippendales; The Convictions of a Grandfather; The High Priestess; Their Spirit; Law and the Family.

37. Green, Anna Katharine 78 Author of: The Leavenworth Case; A Strange Disappearance; The Sword of Damocles; Hand and Ring; The Mill Mystery; Marked "Persona1"; Miss Hurd--An Enigma; Behind Closed Doors; Cynthia Wakeham's Money; Dr. Izard; Old Stone House, and Other Stories; 7 to 12; X, Y, Z; The Doctor, His Wife and the Clock; That Affair Next Door; Lost Man's Lane; Agatha Webb; Risifi's Daughter, a Drama; The Defense of the Bride (dramatic poem); A Difficult Problem, and Other Stories; The Circular Study; One of My Sons; The Filigree Ball; House in the Mist; The Millionaire Baby; The Amethyst Box; The Woman in the Alcove; The Chief Legatee; The Mayor's Wife; Three Thousand Dollars; The House of the Whispering Pines; Initials Only; Masterpieces of Mystery; Golden Slipper and Other Problems for Violet Strange; Mystery of the Hasty Arrow.

38. Grey, Zane --80 Author of: Betty Zane; The Spirit of the Border; The Last Trail; The Last of the Plainsmen; The Short-Stop; The Heritage of the Desert; The Young Forester; The Young Pitcher; Riders of the Purple Sage; Desert Gold; Light of the Western Stars; The Lone Star Ranger; Rainbow Trail; The Border Legion; Wildfire; U. P. Trail; Desert of Wheat; Tales of Fishes; Man of the Forest.

39. Guiterman, Arthur --83  Author of: Betel Nuts; Guest Book; Rubaiyat, including The Literal Omar; Orestes (with Andre Tridon); The Laughing Muse; The Mirthful Lyre; Ballads of Old New York.  

40. Hall, Ho1worthy (Harold E, Porter)  --84 Author of: My Next Imitation; Henry of Navarre, Ohio; Pepper; Paprika; Help Wanted; What He Least Expected; Dormie One; The Man Nobody Knew; The Six Best Cellars (with Hugh Kohler); Egan.

41. Hamilton, Cosmo --88 Author of: Adam's Clay; Brummell; The Blindness of Virtue; Duke's Son; The Infinite Capacity; The Outpost of Eternity; The Door That Has No Key; A Plea for the Younger Generation; The Miracle of Love; His Friend and His Wife.  Plays:  The Wisdom of Folly; A Sense of Humor; The Mountain Climber; Bridge; Arsene Lupin; Mrs. Skeffington; The Blindness of Virtue; Scandal.

42. Hapgood, Isabel F. --91 Author of: The Epic Songs of Russia; Russian Rambles; A Survey of Russian Literature; A Service Book of the Holy Orthodox Catholic (Greco-Russian) Church (compiled and translated).

43. Harrison, Henry Sydnor --94 Author of: Captivating Mary Carstairs; Queed; V. V.'s Eyes; Angela's Business; When I Come Back.

44. Hergesheimer, Joseph --96 Author of: The Lady Anthony; Mountain Blood; The Three Black Pennys; Gold and Iron; Java Head; The Happy End; Linda Condon.

45. Hopper, J ames .--.102 Author of: Caybigan; Goosie; The Freshman; What Happened in the Night; Co-Author: "9009"; What Happened in the Night, and Other Stories.

46. Hopwood, Avery --105 Author of: (Plays): This Woman and This Man; Seven Days (in collaboration with Mary Roberts Rinehart) ; Judy Forgot; Nobody's Widow; Fair and Warmer; Sadie Love; Our Little Wife; Double Exposure; The Gold Diggers,

47. Hough, Emerson. --107 Author of: The Singing Mouse Stories; The Story of the Cowboy; The Girl at the Halfway House; The Mississippi Bubble; The Way to the West; The Law of the Land; Heart's Desire; The King of Gee Whiz; The Story of the Outlaw; The Way of a Man; Fifty- four Forty or Fight; The Sowing; The Young Alaskans; The Purchase Price; Young Alaskans on the Trail; John Rawn; Lady and the Pirate; Young Alaskans in the Rockies; Young Alaskans on the Trail; The Magnificent Adventure; The Man Next Door; The Broken Gate; Young Alaskans in the Far North; The Way Out; The Sagebrusher; The Web.

48. Hughes, Rupert. 110 Author of: The Lakerim Athletic Club; The Dozen From Lakerim ; American Composers; The Musical Guide; Gyges Ring (verse); The Whirlwind; Love Affairs of Great Musicians; Songs by Thirty Americans; Zal; Colonel Crockett's Co-operative Christmas; The Lakerim Cruise; The Gift-Wife; Excuse Me; Miss 318; The Old Nest; The Amiable Crimes of Dirk Memling; The Lady Who Smoked Cigars; What Will People Say?; Music Lovers' Cyclopedia; The Last Rose of Summer; Empty Pockets; Clipped Wings; The Thirteenth Commandment; In a Little Town; We Can't Have Everything; Unpardonable Sin; Long Ever Ago; Cup of Fury; Fairy Detective; What's the World Coming To?   Plays: The Wooden Wedding; Tommy Rot; In the Midst of Life; Alexander the Great; The Triangle; The Richest Girl in the World; My Boy; The Bridge; Excuse Me; Uncle Zeb.

49. Hungerford, Edward --113 Author of: The Williamsburgh Bridge; The Modern Railroad; Little Corky; Gertrude; Personality of American Cities; The Railroad Problem.

50. Hurst, Fannie --116 Author of: Just Around the Corner; Every Soul Hath Its Song; Gaslight Sonatas; Humoresque; Star Dust.   Plays: The Land of the Free; The Good Provider.

51. Irwin, Wallace --118 Author of: The Love Sonnets of a Hoodlum; The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Jr.; Fairy Tales Up to Now; Nautical Lays of a Landsman; At the Sign of the Dollar; Chinatown Ballads; Random Rhymes and Odd Numbers; Letters of a Japanese Schoolboy; Mr. Togo, Maid of All Work; Pilgrims into Folly; Venus in the East; The Blooming Angel.

52. Johnson, Burges --122 Author of: Rhymes of Little Boys; Pleasant Tragedies of Childhood; Beastly Rhymes; Rhymes of Home; Yearbook of Humor; Bashful Ballads; Rhymes of Little Folk; A Private Code; Animal Rhymes; The Well of English and the Bucket; The Bubble Books.

53. Jordan, Elizabeth. --123 Author of: Tales of the City Room; Tales of the Cloister; Tales of Destiny; May Iverson, Her Book; Many Kingdoms; May Iverson Tackles Life; May Iverson's Career; Lovers' Knots; Wings of Youth; The Lady from Oklahoma; Beauty is Skin Deep; The Story of a Pioneer (with Anna Howard Shaw); The Whole Family (with Henry James, William Dean Howells and others); The Girl in the Mirror.

54. Jordan, Kate. --126 Author of: A Circle in the Land; Time the Comedian; The Creeping Tides; Secret Strings.   Plays: Against the Winds.

55. Kauffman, Reginald Wright --129 Author of: Jarvis of Harvard; The Things That Are Caesar's; The Chasm; Miss Frances Baird, Detective; The Bachelor's Guide to Matrimony; What is Socialism?; My Heart and Stephanie; The House of Bondage; The Girl That Goes Wrong; The Way of Peace; The Sentence of Silence; The Latter Day Saints (with Ruth Wright Kauffman); Running Sands; The Spider's Web; Little Old Belgium; In a Moment of Time; Jim; The Mark of the Beast; The Ancient Quest (poems); The Azure Rose; Our Navy at Work; Victorious.

56. King, Basil --130 Author of: Griselda; Let Not Man Put Asunder; In the Garden of Charity; The Steps of Honor; The Giant's Strength; Inner Shrine; Wild Olive; Street Called Straight; The Way Home; The Letter of the Contract; The Side of the Angels; The Lifted Veil; The High Heart; The City of Comrades; The Abolishing of Death.

57. LeGallienne, Richard --133 Author of: My Ladies' Sonnets; Volumes in Folio; George Meredith; The Book-Bills of Narcissus; English Poems; The Religion of a Literary Man; Prose Fancies; Robert Louis Stevenson and Other Poems; Retrospective Reviews; Prose Fancies, 2d series; The Quest of the Golden Girl; If I Were God; Omar Khayyam, a Paraphrase; The Romance of Zion Chapel; Young Lives; Worshipper of the Image; Travels in England; The Beautiful Lie of Rome; Rudyard Kipling, a Criticism; The Life Romantic; Sleeping Beauty; Mr. Sun and Mrs. Moon; Perseus and Andromeda; An Old Country House; Odes from the Divan of Hafiz; Painted Shadows; Little Dinners with the Sphinx; Love Letters of the King; Omar Repentant; New Poems; Attitudes and Avowals; October Vagabonds; Orestes, a tragedy; Loves of the Poets; Maker of Rainbows; Highway to Happiness; Lonely Dancer; Vanishing Roads and Other Essays; Modern Book of English Verse; Pieces of Eight.

58. Lessing, Bruno (Rudolph Block) --136 Author of: Children of Men; With the Best Intentions; Lapidowitz.

59. Lewis, Sinclair --138 Author of: Our Mr. Wrenn; The Trail of the Hawk; The Job; The Innocents; Free Air; Hike and the Aeroplane; Main Street.   Plays: Hobohemia.

60. Libbey, Laura Jean --139 Author of: Lovers Once, But Strangers Now; That Pretty Young Girl; Miss Middleton's Lover; Olive's Courtship; When His Love Grew Cold; etc., etc., etc.

61. Lincoln, Joseph C. --143 Author of: Cape Cod Ballads; Cap'n Eri; Partners of the Tide; Mr. Pratt; The Old Home House; Cy Whittaker's Place; Our Village; Keziah Coffin; The Depot Master; Cap'n Warren's Wards; The Woman Haters; The Postmaster; Rise of Roscoe Paine; Mr. Pratt's Patients; Cap'n Dan's Daughter; Kent Knowles; "Quahaug"; Thankful's Inheritance; Mary Gusta; Extricating Obadiah; Shavings.

62. Litchfield, Grace Denio --145 Author of: Only an Incident; The Knight of the Black Forest; Criss-Cross; A Hard Won Victory; Little Venice; Little He and She; Mimosa Leaves; In the Crucible; The Moving Finger Writes; Vita; The Letter D.; The Supreme Gift; Narcissus; Baldur the Beautiful; The Burning Question; Collected Poems; The Song of the Sirens.

63. Long, John Luther --146 Author of: Madam Butterfly; Miss Cherry-Blossom of Tokyo; The Fox-Woman; The Prince of Illusion; Naughty Nan; Little Miss Joy-Sing; Sixty Jane; Heimweh, and Other Stories; Billy Boy; The Way of the Gods; Felice.   Plays: Madam Butterfly; The Darling of the Gods (with David Belasco); Adrea; The Dragon Fly (with E. C. Carpenter); Dolce; Kassa; Baby Grand; War--Or What Happens When One Loves One's Enemy); Lady Betty Martingale; Billy Boy; Yo-Nennen (with Mr. Leps); Gar-Anlaf (with same); The Song of Times (with Dr. Parker).   Operas: Andon (with Mr. Leps); Hosni-San (with same).

64. Lynch, Gertrude --151 Author of: Fighting Chance; The Wanderers; Winds of the World.

65. Macfarlane, Peter Clark --154 Author of: The Quest of the Yellow Pearl; The Centurion's Story; Those Who Have Come Back; Held to Answer; The Crack in the Bell; Exploits of Bilge and Ma.

66. MacGrath, Harold --159 Author of: Arms and the Woman; The Puppet Crown; The Grey Cloak; The Man on the Box; The Princess Elopes; Enchantment; Hearts and Masks; Half a Rogue; The Watteau Shepherdess (operetta) ; The Best Man; The Enchanted Hat; The Lure of the Mask; The Goose Girl; A Splendid Hazard; The Carpet from Bagdad; Place of Honeymoons; Parrot & Co.; Deuces Wild; Adventures of Kathlyn; Million Dollar Mystery; Pidgin Island; Voice in the Fog; The Luck of the Irish; Girl in His House; Private Wire to Washington; Yellow Typhoon; Man With Three Names.

67. MacKaye, Percy --160 Author of: The Canterbury Pilgrims; Fenris the Wolf; Jeanne d'Arc; Sappho and Phaon; The Scarecrow; Lincoln Centenary Ode; Mater; The Playhouse and the Play; Poems; A Garland to Sylvia; Anti-Matrimony; To-morrow; Yankee Fantasies; The Civic Theatre; Uriel and Other Poems; Sinbad the Sailor; Sanctuary; St. Louis; The Immigrants; A Thousand Years Ago; The Present Hour; The New Citizenship; A Substitute for War; Poems and Plays; Caliban; American Conservation Hymn; Community Drama; The Evergreen Tree; The Roll Call; Washington; The Will of Song (with Harry Barnhart); Rip Van Winkle.

68. Marden, Orison Swett .--163 Author of: Pushing to the Front; Rising in the World; How to Succeed; Success; The Secret of Achievement; Character the Grandest Thing in the World; Cheerfulness as a Life Power; The Hour of Opportunity; Good Manners and Success; Winning Out; Elements of Business Success; Talks with Great Workers; How They Succeeded; Economy; An Iron Will; Stepping Stones; The Young Man Entering Business; Stories from Life; The Making of a Man; Choosing a Career; Every Man a King; The Power of Personality; Success Nuggets; The Optimistic Life; He Can Who Thinks He Can; Why Grow Old?; Peace, Power and Plenty; Do It To a Finish; Not the Salary But the Opportunity; Getting On; Be Good to Yourself; The Miracle of Right Thought; Self Investment; The Joys of Living; The Exceptional Employee; The Progressive Business Man; Training for Efficiency; Keeping Fit; I Had a Friend; Hints for Young Writers; The Crime of Silence; Woman and Home; Making Life a Masterpiece; The Victorious Attitude; Selling Things; Everybody Ahead; How to Get What You Want; Love's Way.

69. Martin, George Madden. --166 Author of: Emmy Lou--Her Book and Heart; The House of Fulfillment; Abbie Ann; Letitia--Nursery Corps, U. S. A,; Selina; Emmy Lou's Road to Grace; A Warwickshire Lad.

70. McCall, Sidney (Mrs. Mary McNeil1 Fenollosa) --168 Author of: Out of the Nest; A Flight of Verses; Children's Verses on Japanese Subjects; The Dragon Painter; Truth Dexter; The Breath of the Gods; Red Horse Hill; Blossoms from a Japanese Garden; The Stirrup Latch; Christopher Laird.

71. McCutcheon, George Barr --171 Author of: Graustark; Castle Craneycrow; The Sherrods; Brewster's Millions; The Day of the Dog; Beverly of Graustark; Nedra; Purple Parasol; Cowardice Court; Jane Cable; The Flyers; The Daughter of Anderson Crow; The Husbands Of Edith; The Man from Brodney's; The Alternative; Truxton King; The Butterfly Man; The Rose in the Ring; What's-His-Name; Mary Midthorne; Her Weight in Gold; The Hollow of Her Hand; A Fool and His Money; Black is White; The Prince of Graustark; Mr. Bingle; From the House Tops; The Light That Lies; Green Fancy; Shot With Crimson; The City of Masks.

72. Meyer, Annie Nathan  --174 Author of: Woman's Work in America; Helen Brent, M.D.; My Park Book; Robert Annys; The Dominant Sex; The Dreamer.

73. Miller, Alice Duer --177 Author of: The Modem Obstacle; Calderon's Prisoner; Less Than Kin; Blue Arch; Are Women People; The Charm School,

74. Moffett, Cleveland --178 Author of: Real Detective Stories; Careers of Danger and Daring; A King in Rags; The Battle; Through the Wall; The Bishop's Purse; The Mysterious Card; The Land of Mystery; The Conquest of America; How to Live Long and Love Long; The War Beautiful; Possessed; also prose poems: A Woman's Breed, The Litany of the Men; A Vision of Christmas; Glorious France.   Plays: Money Talks; Playing the Game; The Battle; For Better for Worse; Greater Than the Law.

75. Mumford, Ethel Watts --180  Author of: Whitewash; Out of the Ashes; The Cynic's Calendars; The Hundred Love Songs of Kamal.

76. Nicholson, Meredith --181 Author of: Short Flights (poems); The Hoosiers; The Main Chance; Zelda Dameron; The House of a Thousand Candles; Poems; The Port of Missing Men; Rosalind at Red Gate; The Little Brown Jug at Kildare; The Lords of High Decision; The Siege of the Seven Suitors; A Hoosier Chronicle; The Provincial American; Otherwise Phyllis; The Poet; The Proof of the Pudding; The Madness of May; A Reversible Santa Claus; The Valley of Democracy; Lady Larkspur; Blacksheep! Blacksheep!

77. Norris, Charles G. --183 Author of: The Amateur; Salt; Brass.

78. Norris, Kathleen --184 Author of: Mother; The Rich Mrs. Burgoyne; Poor Dear Margaret Kirby; "Saturday's Child"; The Story of Julia Page; The Heart of Rachael; Martie, The Unconquered; Undertow; Josslyn's Wife; Sisters.

79. Osborne, William Hamilton --185 Author of: The Red Mouse; The Running Fight; Catspaw; Blue Buckle; Boomerang; Neal of the Navy (moving picture serial); How to Make Your Will.

80. Payne, Will --188 Author of: Jerry the Dreamer; The Money Captain; The Story of Eva; On Fortune's Road; Mr. Salt; When Love Speaks; The Automatic Capitalist; The Losing Game.

81. Pendexter, Hugh --190 Author of: Tiberius Smith; Camp and Trail Series; The Young Trappers; Along the Coast series.

82. Pollock, Channing --192 Author of: Behold the Man; Stage Stories; The Footlights--Fore and Aft. Plays: A Game of Hearts; The Pit (dramatization); Napoleon the Great; In the Bishop's Carriage; The Little Gray Lady; Clothes (in collaboration with Avery Hopwood); The Secret Orchard; The Traitor; Such a Little Queen; The Inner Shrine; The Red Widow (with Rennold Wolf); Hell (with Rennold Wolf); My Best Girl (with Rennold Wolf); The Beauty Shop and Her Little Highness (with Rennold Wolf); A Perfect Lady (with Rennold WoIf); The Grass Widow (with Rennold Wolf); Roads of Destiny; The Crowded Hour (with Edgar Selwyn); A Room at the Ritz.

83. Poole, Ernest --194 Author of: The Harbor; His Family; His Second Wife.   Plays: None So Blind; A Man's Friends.

84. Pulver, Mary Brecht --195 Author of: The Spring Lady.   Stories: The Path of Glory; The Long Carry; The Pomegranate Coat; Fuller Brothers; The Man Hater, etc.

85. Putnam, Nina Wilcox --197 Author of: In Search of Arcady; The Impossible Boy; The Little Missioner; Orthodoxy; Adam's Garden; When the Highbrow Joined the Outfit; Esmeralda; Sunny Bunny; Winkle Twinkle and Lollypops; Believe You Me.

86. Raine, William MacLeod --200 Author of: A Daughter of Raasay; Wyoming; Ridgway of Montana; Ducky O'Connor; A Texas Ranger; Mavericks; Brand Blotters; Crooked Trails and Straight; The Vision Splendid; The Pirate of Panama; A Daughter of the Dons; The Highgrader; Steve Yeager; The Yukon Trail; The Sheriff's Son; A Man Four Square; Oh You Tex; The Kids' Judge (play, with Arthur Chapman).

87. Read, Opie --201 Author of: Len Gansett; A Kentucky Colonel; Emmett Bonlore; A Tennessee Judge; Wives of the Prophet; The Jucklins; My Young Master; An Arkansas Planter; Bolanyo; Old Ebenezer; Waters of Carney Fork; On the Suwanee River; A Yankee from the West; In the Alamo; Judge Elbridge; The Carpetbagger (with Frank Pixley); The Starbucks; An American in New York; Son of the Swordmaker; Old Lim Jucklin; "Turkey Egg" Griffin; The Mystery of Margaret.

88. Reese, Lowell Otus --206 Author of: (Stories) Grandpa Makes Him Sick; Kentucky Turns; Constable of Copper Sky; Behind the Velvet; The Bachelor; The Sad Milk Bottles, etc.

89. Rice, Alice Hegan --209 Author of: Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch; Lovey Mary; Sandy; Captain June; Mr. Opp; A Romance of Billy Goat Hill; The Honorable Percival; Calvary Alley; Miss Mink's Soldier and Other Stories.

90. Rice, Cale Young --211 Author of: Jurgend.   Poems: From Dusk to Dusk; With Omar; Song-Surf; Nirvana Days; Many Gods; Far Quests; At the World's Heart; Earth and New Earth; Trails Sunward; Wraiths and Realities; Songs to A. H. R.;   Plays: Charles di Tocca; David; Yolanda of Cyprus; A Night in Avignon; An Immortal Lure; Porzia.

91. Richards, Laura E.  --212 Author of: Sketches and Scraps; Five Mice; Joyous Story of Toto; Toto's Merry Winter; Queen Hildegarde; My Nursery; Captain January; Hildegarde's Holiday; Hildegarde's Home; Melody; When I Was Your Age; Glimpse of the French Court; Marie; Hildegarde; Neighbors; Nautilus Jim of Hellas; Narcissa; Isla Heron; Some Say; Hildegarde's Harvest; Three Margarets; Margaret Montfort; Love and Rocks; Rosin the Beau; Peggy; Rita; For Tommy; Snow White; Quicksilver Sue; Fernley House; Geoffrey Strong; Mrs. Tree; The Hurdy Gurdy; The Green Satin Gown; Five Minute Stories; More Five Minute Stories; The Golden Windows; The Merryweathers; The Armstrongs; Mrs. Tree's Will; The Piccolo; Letters and Journals of Samuel Gridley Howe; Vol. I., The Greek Revolution (edited); The Silver Crown; Grandmother; The Wooing of Calvin Parks; Letters and Journals of Samuel Gridley Howe, Vol. II.; The Servant of Humanity; Florence Nightingale; Up to Calvin's; A Happy Little Time; Two Noble Lives; Aboard the Mary Sands; Miss Jimmy; The Little Master; Three.Minute Stories; The Pig Brother Play Book; Life of Julia Ward Howe (with Maud Howe Elliott); Fairy Operettas; Life of Elizabeth Fry; Pippin; Life of Abigail Adams; "To Arms (war songs); A Daughter of Jehu; Life of Joan of Arc.

92. Richmond, Grace S. --213 Author of: The Indifference of Juliet; The Second Violin; With Juliet in England; Around the Corner in Gay Street; On Christmas Day in the Morning; A Court of Inquiry; On Christmas Day in the Evening; Red Pepper Burns; Strawberry Acres; Mrs. Red Pepper; The Twenty-fourth of June; Under the Country Sky; Red Pepper's Patients; The Brown Study; Red and Black.

93. Rideout, Henry Milner --216 Author of: Letters of Thomas Gray; Tennyson's The Princess (edited with C. T. Copeland); Freshman English and Theme Correcting at Harvard College (with C. T. Copeland); Beached Keels; The Siamese Cat; Admiral's Light; Dragon's Blood; Selections from Wordsworth, Byron, etc., (with C. T. Copeland); The Twisted Foot; William Jones, a Memoir; White Tiger; The Far Cry; The Key of the Fields; Tin Cowrie Dass.

94. Rives, Amelie (Princess Troubetskoy) --217 Author of: The Quick or the Dead; A Brother to Dragons; Virginia of Virginia; Herod and Mariamne; Witness of the Sun; According to St. John; Barbara Dering; Athelwold; Damsel Errant; Meriel; Tanis; Selene; Augustine the Man; The Golden Rose; Trix and Over-the-Moon; Pan's Mountain; Hidden House; World's End; Shadows of Flames; The Ghost Garden.   Plays: The Fear Market; Allegiance.

95. Rache, Arthur Samers --218 Author of: Loot; Plunder; The Sport of Kings; Ransom; The Eyes of the Blind; Find the Woman.   Co-author of play: The Scrap of Paper.

96. Rowland, Henry C. --220 Author of:  Sea Scamps; To Windward; The Wanderers; In the Shadow; The Mountain of Fears; The Countess Diane; Germaine; Across Europe in a Motor Boat; In the Service of the Princess; The Magnet; The Apple of Discord; The Closing Net; The Sultana; Filling His Own Shoes; Pearl Island.

97. Seton, Ernest Thompson --223 Author of: Art Anatomy of Animals; Wild Animals I Have Known; The Trail of the Sandhill Stag; The Biography of a Grizzly; Wild Animal Play for Children; Lobo, Rag and Vixen; Lives of the Hunted; Pictures of Wild Animals; Krag and Johnny Bear; Two Little Savages; Monarch, the Big Bear; Woodmyth and Fable; Animal Heroes; The Birchbark Roll; Natural History of the Ten Commandments; Biography of a Silver Fox; Life-Histories of Northern Animals; Scouting for Boys; Rolf in the Woods; The Arctic Prairies; Forester's Manual; Woodcraft and Indian Lore; Wild Animals at Home; Manual of Woodcraft Indians; Preacher of Cedar Mountain; Wild Animals' Ways; Woodcraft Boys; Woodcraft Girls; Sign Talk.

98. Sholl, Ann McClure --224 Author of: The Law of Life; The Port of Storms; The Greater Love; Blue Blood and Red; Carmichael; This Way Out; The Ancient Journey; Fairy Tales of Weir.

99. Steffens, Lincoln --226 Author of: The Shame of the Cities; The Struggle for Self- Government; Upbuilders; The Least of These.

100. Street, Julian --226 Author of: My Enemy the Motor; The Need of Change; Paris a la Carte; Ship-Bored; The Goldfish; Welcome to Our City; Abroad at Home; The Most Interesting American; American Adventures; After Thirty.   Plays: The Country Cousin (with Booth Tarkington).

101. Stringer, Arthur --230 , Author of: Watchers of Twilight; Pauline and Other Poems; Epigrams; A Study in King Lear; The Loom of Destiny; The Silver Poppy; Lonely O'Malley; Hephaestus and Other Poems; The Wire Tappers; Phantom Wires; The Occasional Offender; The Woman in the Rain; Under Groove; Irish Poems; Open Water; Gun Runner; Shadow; Prairie Wife; Hand of Peril; Door of Dread; House of Intrigue; Man Who Couldn't Sleep; Prairie Mother.

102. Tarbell, Ida M. --234 Author of: Short Life of Napoleon Bonaparte; Life of Madame Roland; Early Life of Abraham Lincoln (with J. McCan Davis); Life of Abraham Lincoln; History of Standard Oil Co.; He Knew Lincoln; Father Abraham; The Tariff in Our Times; The Business of Being a Woman; The Ways of Women; New Ideals in Business: The Rising of the Tide; In Lincoln's Chair.

103. Tarkington, Booth --237 Author of: The Gentleman from Indiana; Monsieur Beaucaire; The Two Vanrevels; Cherry; In the Arena; The Conquest of Canaan; The Beautiful Lady; His Own People; Guest of Quesnay; Beasley's Christmas Party; Beauty and the Jacobin; The Flirt; Penrod; The Turmoil; Penrod and Sam; Seventeen; The Magnificent Ambersons; Ramsey Milholland.   Plays: Monsieur Beaucaire (with E. G. Sutherland); The Man From Home (with Harry Leon Wilson); Cameo Kirby; Your Humble Servant; Springtime; Getting a Polish; Mister Antonio; The Gibson Upright; Up From Nowhere; Clarence; The Country Cousin (with Julian Street)

104. Thompson, Maravene --239 Author of: No Middle Ground; Under Twenty; The Yellow Flower; The Woman's Law; Persuasive Peggy.   Play: The Net.

105. Tompkins, Juliet Wilbor --241 Author of: Dr. Ellen; Open House; The Top of the Morning; Mothers and Fathers; Pleasures and Palaces; Ever After; Diantha; The Seed of the Righteous; At the Sign of the Oldest House; A Girl Named Mary; The Starling.

106. Towne, Charles Hanson --243 Author of: The Quiet Singer and Other Poems; Manhattan, a Poem; Youth, and Other Poems; Beyond the Stars, and Other Poems; To-day and To-morrow, and Other Poems; The Tumble Man (with Hy. Mayer); Jolly Haunts with Jim; Autumn Loiterers; Shaking Hands With England; A World of Windows.

107. Train, Arthur  --245 Author of: McAllister and His Double; The Prisoner at the Bar; True Stories of Crime; The Butler's Story; Mortmain; Confessions of Artemus Quibble; C. Q., or In the Wireless House; Courts, Criminals and the Comorra; The Goldfish; The Man Who Rocked the Earth (with Robert Williams Wood); The World and Thomas Kelly; The Earthquake; Tutt and Mr. Tutt.

108. Vance, Louis Joseph --246 Author of: Terence O'Rourke, Gentleman Adventurer; The Private War; The Brass Bowl; The Black Bag; The Bronze Bell; The Pool of Flame; The Fortune Hunter; No Man's Land; Cynthia-of-the- Minute; The Bandbox; The Destroying Angel; The Day of Days; Joan Thursday; The Lone Wolf; Sheep's Clothing; Nobody; The False Faces; Beau Revel; The Dark Mirror.

109. Van Rensselaer, Mrs. Schuyler --251 Author of: Henry Hobson Richardson and His Works; English Cathedrals; Six Portraits; Art Out of Doors; Should We Ask for Suffrage?; One Man Who Was Content; Niagara, a Description; History of the City of New York in the Seventeenth Century; Poems.

110. Wagstaff, Blanche Shoemaker --253 Author of: (Poems) Song of Youth; Woven of Dreams; Atys; Alcestis; Eris; Narcissus; The Book of Love; Leaves in the Wind; (songs) Mother Adoration; I Never Knew; You Took Away the Spring; Hope; Elegy.   Play: Alcestis.

 111. Wells, Carolyn --255 Author of: At the Sign of the Sphinx; The Jingle Book; The Story of Betty; Folly in Fairyland; A Nonsense Anthology; A Phenomenal Fauna; Eight Girls and a Dog; The Pete and Polly Stories; Folly in the Forest; The Gordon Elopement; A Parody Anthology; The Staying Guest; A Matrimonial Bureau; A Satire Anthology; The Rubaiyat of a Motor Car; Dorrance Doings; A Whimsey Anthology; At the Sign of the Sphinx, Vol. II.; Rainy Day Diversions; Emily Emmins Papers; Fluffy Ruffles; The Carolyn Wells Year Book; The Happy Chaps; Rubaiyat of Bridge; The Clue; Seven Ages of Childhood; Pleasant Day Diversions; (series) The Patty Books; The Marjorie Books; Dick and Dolly; The Gold Bag; A Chain of Evidence; The Lovers' Baedaker; The Maxwell Mystery; The Read-Out-Loud Books; Anybody But Anne; The White Alley; Two Little Women; Technique of the Mystery Story; Jolly Plays for Holidays; Curved Blades; Bride of a Moment; Baubles; Faulkner's Folly; Doris of Dobbs Ferry; Mark of Cain; Vicky Van; The Room with the Tassels; The Diamond Pin; The Man Who Fell Through the Earth; Raspberry Jam, etc., etc., etc.

112. White, Stewart Edward --257 Author of: Westerners; Claim Jumpers; The Blazed Trail; Conjuror's House; The Forest; The Magic Forest; The Silent Places; The Mountains; Blazed Trail Stories; The Pass; The Mystery (with Samuel Hopkins Adams); Arizona Nights; Camp and Trail; The Riverman; The Rules of the Game; The Cabin; The Adventures of Bobby Orde; The Land of Footprints; African Camp Fires; Gold; The Rediscovered Country; The Gray Dawn; The Leopard Woman; Simba; The Forty-Niners.

113. White, William Allen --260 Author of: The Real Issue and Other Stories; The Court of Boyville; Stratagems and Spoils; In Our Town; A Certain Rich Man; The Old Order Changeth; God's Puppets; In the Heart of a Fool; The Martial Adventures of Henry and Me.

114. Widdemer, Margaret --260 Author of: The Rose-Garden Husband; Winona of the Camp Fire; Factories, with Other Lyrics; Why Not?; The Wishing-Ring Man; Winona of Camp Karonya; Winona's War Farm; The Old Road to Paradise; You're Only Young Once; The Board Walk.

115. Wiggin, Kate Douglas --262 Author of: The Birds' Christmas Carol; The Story of Patsy; A Summer in a Canon; Timothy's Quest; The Story Hour, and Children's Rights (with Nora A. Smith) ; A Cathedral Courtship; Penelope's English Experiences; Polly Oliver's Problem; The Village Watch Tower; Froebel's Gifts (with Nora A. Smith) ; Froebel's Occupations; Kindergarten Principles and Practice; Nine Love Songs and a Carol; Marm Lisa; Penelope's Progress; Penelope's Experiences in Ireland; The Diary of a Goose Girl; Rebecca; The Affair at the Inn (collaboration); Rose o' the River; New Chronicles of Rebecca; The Old Peabody Pew; Susanna and Sue; Mother Carey's Chickens; The Story of Waitstill Baxter.   Plays: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm; Mother Carey's Chickens; The Old Peabody Pew; Bluebeard; Penelope's Postscripts.

116. Wilkins, Mary E.  --265 Author of: A Humble Romance; A New England Nun; Young Lucretia; Jane Field; Giles Corey; Pembroke; Madelon; Jerome; Silence; Evelina's Garden; The Love of Parson Lord; The Heart's Highway; The Portion of Labor; Understudies; Six Trees; The Wind in the Rose Bush; The Givers; Doc Gordon; By the Light of the Soul; Shoulders of Atlas; Winning Lady; Green Door; Butterfly House; Yates Pride; Copy-Cat and Other Stories; The Jamesons; People of Our Neighborhood.

117. Wilkinson, Marguerite --267 Author of: In Vivid Gardens; By a Western Wayside; The Passing of Mars (play); Golden Songs of the Golden State; New Voices.

118. Williams, Ben Ames --269 Author of: All the Brothers Were Valiant; The Sea Bride; The Great Accident.

119. Wilson, John Fleming --270 Author of: The Land Claimers; Across the Latitudes; The Man Who Came Back; The Princess of Sorry Valley; Tad Sheldon and His Boy Scouts; The Master Key.

120. Wister, Owen --273 Author of: The Dragon of Wantley--His Tail; Red Men and White; Lin McLean; The Jimmy John Boss; U. S. Grant, a Biography; The Virginian; Philosophy 4; Journey in Search of Christmas; Lady Baltimore; The Simple Spelling Bee; Mother; The Seven Ages of Washington; Members of the Family; The Pentecost of Calamity.

121. Witwer,  H. C.  --274 Author of: From Baseball to Boches; A Smile a Minute; Alex the Great.

122. Wood, Clement  --276 Author of: Mountain.   Poems: Glad of Earth; The Earth Turns South; Jehovah.

123. Woodrow, Mrs. Wilson  --279 Author of: The Bird of Time; The New Missioner; The Silver Butterfly; The Beauty; Sally Salt; The Black Pearl; The Hornets' Nest.

124. Woodruff, Anne Helena  --281 Author of: Betty and Bob; The Pond in the Marshy Meadow; Three Boys and a Girl.

125. Wright, Harold Bell  --283 Author of: That Printer of Udell's; The Shepherd of the Hills; The Calling of Dan Matthews; The Uncrowned King; The Winning of Barbara Worth; Their Yesterdays; The Eyes of the World; When a Man's a Man; The Re-Creation of Brian Kent.

126. Wyatt, Edith Franklin  --285 Author of: Every One His Own Way; True Love; Making Both Ends Meet; Great Companions; The Wind in the Corn.

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