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XII.  Photo Gallery 


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     During his lifetime Harold Bell Wright sat for many professional studio portraits and was also photographed in casual situations.  On this page I would like to include such photos.  Please do not send copies of newspaper or magazine photos.  I would like only scans made from actual photographs.  I will start with a few I have bought and sold over recent years:

(Click on small photo to see larger photo)

1. School Photo of HBW?  Courtesy Eric Tudor Eric says, "I acquired this as a gift from Elizabeth Moran, once owner of the past "Old Shepherds Book Store" near Silver Dollar City.  HBW had stayed with her family and the photo was passed on down to her. Overall approx. size 4 x 5 1/2 inches." Webmaster's Note: It is possible this is HBW, but the Wright family says it is not, and this webmaster is inclined to agree. There are similarities, but the nostrils, for one thing, look very different, and the shape of the top of the ear is different. If it is Wright, it would have to be from several years before he was at Hiram College at the age of 21-22. Perhaps this is what he looked like in elementary school? But the Wright family has several photos of him in his early years, and they say those photos do not look like this one.
2. Here is a photo that definitely is a very young Harold Bell Wright, perhaps from his Hiram years. Copyright Family of HBW and courtesy of Family of HBW" - No reproduction without written permission of the family. Used by permission.

Click here to see the two photos side by side.

photos03.jpg (23461 bytes) 3. Photo 1918,   Inscription begins, "To my Best of Friends, Mr. and Mrs. Tenney Williams. . . ."  Courtesy Robert Lewis.
4. Photo. "Sincerely Yours, Harold Bell Wright, Tucson, Ariz., 1920." Photo courtesy Nahum A. Tate, who says Harold Bell Wright mailed the photo to his father in 1920. On the reverse of photo is note: "Credit Photo by Melvin H. Sykes, Los Angeles." Holding pen in right hand and either a pipe or an inkwell in the other. May be wearing same suit and tie as in next two photos.
5. Signed "Harold Bell Wright." Pipe in right hand, smoke rising. Appears to be wearing same suit and tie as in above picture, which is dated 1920. Courtesy Rick Gunter.
6. Harold Bell Wright smoking pipe, with pictures from the 1919 silent movie, The Shepherd of the Hills in each puff of smoke. One-of-a-kind picture in the Harold Bell Wright Museum in Branson, MO.
hbwphotopc.jpg (21750 bytes) 7. Photo postcard.  Courtesy Eric Tudor.
photos01.jpg (18252 bytes) 8. Photo 1939   Inscription begins, "To my Best of Friends, Tenney Williams. . . ." Courtesy Robert Lewis.
sandiegoportrait.jpg (26779 bytes) 9. This portrait, evidently painted from the 1939 photograph above, hangs on the wall of a mausoleum in the Greenwood Cemetery in San Diego, near the outdoor garden spot where Wright, his first and second wives, and two sons are buried.
hbwdog.jpg (204719 bytes) 10. Photo courtesy Eric Tudor
11. Christmas Card, c. 1925. Photo of Harold and wife in Tucson home includes Hovsep Pushman painting in background. Courtesy Rick Gunter.
hbwdeer2.jpg (37739 bytes) 12. Wire press photo, 8" x10," c. late 20's, near Tucson, Arizona.

"Author and nature lover. Harold Bell Wright, famous author, can't intimidate one of the usually shy deer that infest his 20,000 acres Cross Anchor Ranch near Tucson, AZ."  

Photo courtesy Rick Gunter

signedphoto.jpg (35119 bytes) 13. Signed "To M. F. Romer, with best wishes always, Harold Bell Wright, Tucson, AZ, 1925

Photo courtesy Robert Lewis

portraitautograph.jpg (9854 bytes) 14. "To Clarence E. Krauss
With Every good wish from
Harold Bell Wright"  [no date]

Photo courtesy Rick Gunter

15. "Harold Bell Wright
Tucson, Ariz, 1931

Photo Courtesy Sherry Werley

17. Life Magazine, 1941. HBW at writing table. Courtesy Dave Hadsell
17b. 1941 Tintype of Harold Bell Wright. Photo courtesy Dave Hadsell
18. Harold Bell Wright, Quiet Hills Farm, 1935 Photo courtesy Dave Hadsell
hbwphoto2b.jpg (12141 bytes) 19. "To Lillian M. Parmley, with every good wish, Harold Bell Wright."
 8" x 10" photo.  The person who listed this on eBay said it was probably signed and mailed about 1935, but Wright looks much younger to me.
20. This is not a postcard although it is obviously the same as the Book Supply Company numbered card #10. It is on heavy soft card stock and is approximately 4.5 x 7 inches. The signature is probably printed on the card, but may be hand-signed. Courtesy Dave Hadsell
21. Harold Bell Wright standing next to shack in the Santa Catalina Mountains outside of Tucson. 1920 Original Black-and-White Photograph from the Cline Library Image Collection at the University of Northern Arizona. (The library moved this photo so many times -- thereby breaking my link to it -- that I have just added the photo to this site.)
22. Harold Bell Wright, D. Appleton and Company, New York-London. This is a real photo postcard (AZO), produced in 1925 as part of the marketing campaign for A Son of His Father. Courtesy Peter Wright. All rights reserved.
23. Harold Bell Wright, The Most Popular Author in the World.  D. Appleton and Company, New York-London. This is a real photo postcard (AZO), produced in 1925 as part of the marketing campaign for A Son of His Father. Courtesy Peter Wright. All rights reserved.
24. 8 x10 studio portrait courtesy of Rick Gunter, who adds: "On the back on the photo someone has written, “Harold Bell Wright on his ranch – Imperial Valley – 1 col. Monday.” I don’t know if that means the photo was taken on his ranch or if that was to be the name of the newspaper article. This photo came from the archives of William Randolph Hurst’s San Francisco Examiner Newspaper."
25. "A picture of Harold Bell Wright, the author of 'The Calling of Dan Matthews', which Principle Pictures made into a moving picture, released through Columbia studios. Richard Arlen was starred in the picture, with Charlotte Wynters in the role of the feminine lead."

Click here to see Mystery Photos -- Maybe they show Harold Bell Wright, maybe they don't.

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