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The Shepherd of the Hills

List of Editions

Letter designations are from my book, Harold Bell Wright's Books and Collectibles.  Editions I have discovered since publishing the book are in this "teal" green color.  (Editions or variations in blue type contributed by Dave Hadsell.)

Bibliographically speaking, this section is a mess.  I do not know how to match many of the Burt and Grosset & Dunlap books described with the editions the Cumulative Book Index lists. (Total sales by 1947: 1,125,000) 

a. *Book Supply Co.,  Sept.,  1907, burgandy hardcover with tall rectangular illustration on front, "B.S.Co." on spine, white dust jacket with no picture, "MDCCCCVII" on title page.  Illustations by John H. Weddell.  {HBW Gazette, Vol. 1, No. 1, 8-15-92, illustration p. 2{GC}

a2.   *Book Supply Co. (July), 1907, limited, pre-publication first edition. Exactly like above, including burgandy hardcover, but has extra page tipped in just after the first bound page, numbered, signed and dated by HBW, July 6, 1907 (two months before publication).  Full page of printed copy on extra page begins, "You will ask, perhaps, of this story, the same old question, 'Are the characters in the book real people?''  (Norman Wright reads this page on taped narration in HBW Museum in Branson, MO.) 

b. *Book Supply Co., Sept., 1907, paper cover with no spine or lettering.  On the title page and on several other pages rubber stamped notice reads, "THIS ADVERTISERS ADVANCE COPY MUST NOT BE SOLD, PUBLICATION DAY SEPTEMBER 10, 1907."  Does not have the extra "You will ask. . . ." page.  {lt} 

c. Book Supply Co., 1909, burgundy.  "Book Supply Company" on spine, part of 3-book set, "Ozark Life Stories."   

c1. Book Supply Co., 1907, Green, limp leather. {et) 

c2. Book Supply Co., c.1912, gray cover with same design and illustration as Burt editions. Title page mentions other books including Their Yesterdays.  Illustrations by F.Graham Cootes instead of Weddell. {et} 

C2A. BSC,  Burgandy-Gold Same as Chudleigh's C2 except Burgandy color + 4 pages of ads in back

c3. Book Supply Co., 1916, burgandy cover with black lettering and no boundery line around edges.  Reverse side of title page says "Copyright 1916” {lt} 

d. Burt, 9/07 (1909) burgundy, white letters, framed Burt title page,  oval picture on cover   {1, Cumulative Book Index, 1909, p.741}

e.  Burt, (1912) burgundy, unframed Burt title page, lists Their Yesterdays. 

f.  Burt, (1914) burgundy, Burt title page, mentions The Eyes of The World.

fa.  Burt, 1916, burgundy, oval illus on front, says, “Copyright 1916, Elsberry W. Reynolds.”  Two pages of popular novels from Burt listed in back.  {LT} 

FB. McCormic-Armstrong,  Red-Black Like GC-FA only Red

FC. BURT,  Lt Blue Like GC-FA only Blue

g.  Burt, (1922) {Books in Print, 1901-28, p. 3125, lists only Burt '22.} 

h. Burt, (1925) red, includes ad for A Son of His Father.  {lt} 

h2. Burt, Light brown cloth. {BB11-92} 

i. Hodder and Stoughton, 1909,      {British Museum, 1965} 

j.  H&S, (1923) red, includes ad for Helen of the Old House.  {lt} 

k. H&S, (1935) "Twenty-second Edition" {British Museum, 1965 and Cumulative Book Index, 1933-37, p. 2636,  lists only 1935 edition.}  

l.. Nordiska, 1913, (Swedish), Skogens Dotter. {The American Swedish, Institute,  2600 Park Ave. Minneapolis, MN 55407.  Marita Karlisch, Archivist/Librarian} 

m.  Saxon & Lindstrom, 1943, (Swedish). Skogarnas Dotter {Ref.: same as above} 

MB. BURT,  Olive Green & Gilt Special monogrammed binding ~ initials look like CBM

n. Appleton,  1923, {mentioned in 1947 Bantam Pocket Book} 

o. Appleton, 1926, red.  {lt}

p. McClelland, 1937. {CBI 1933-37} 

qa. Grosset and Dunlap, 1926, rubber stamped date, Shepherd of Hills Farm ed.  {lt} 

qb. G&D, 1937. {mentioned in 1947 Bantam Pocket Book} 

qc. G&D, 1942.  

qd. G&D, 1951.

qe.  G&D, Putman Publishing Group, 1958 {BIP 1989-90} 

qf. G&D, n.d. (1941), John Wayne dust jacket, 8.2", wartime notice on title page. {lt} 

qg. G&D, n.d. (1941), John Wayne dust jacket, 7.5", wartime notice on dust jacket.{lt}

qh.  G&D, n.d. (1941), John Wayne dust jacket, 7.5", wartime notice on title page, "reduced royalty" inside, bottom of dust jacket. {gc} 

qi. G&D, n.d. (1941), John Wayne dust jacket, 8.2", no wartime notice,  reduced royalty notice inside, top of dust jacket. {Chudleigh examined  12-89} 

qj. G&D, n.d. (1941), John Wayne dust jacket, 8.2", no wartime notice, "reduced royalty" notice inside bottom of dust jacket.  {gc} 

qk. G&D, n.d. Shepherd of the Hills Farm edition, separate dust jacket.  

ql.  G&D, (1961) {NUC 1963-67}

qm. G&D, 1970 SOH Farm, separate dust jacket, green & white cloth-look cover {lt}

QM2. G & D,  3 People on DJ Blue speckled Separate DJ - Stamped in black SOH Farm, 

QM3. G & D,  Blue speckled Notch Post Office & Uncle Ike Stamps Poss Levi Morrill signed + Son's & Grandsons

QM4. G & D,  3 People on DJ Blue speckled Stamped in Black For OMC Sincerely HBW

QM5. G & D, Blue speckled Separate DJ - Stamped in Red SOH Farm, For OMC, Sincerely yours HBW - inscribed 1973

qn. G&D, 1974 Shepherd of the Hills Farm edition, {lt} 

qo. G&D, 1975 SOH Farm edit. {lt} 

qp. G&D, 1976 SOH Farm edit. {lt} 

qq. G&D, 1977 SOH Farm edit. {lt} 

qq2. G&D, 1978 SOH Farm edit. {BB11-92} 

qr. G&D, 1979 SOH Farm edit. {lt} 

qs. G&D, 1980 SOH Farm edit. {lt} 

qt. G&D, 1981 SOH Farm edit. {lt}

qu. G&D, 1982 SOH Farm edit. {lt} 

QV. G & D,  OMC Pictoral Cover Pub 1984 Norman Wright Signed

QW. G & D,  Pictoral 3 people  For OMC, Sincerely yours HBW - inscribed 1973

r. Bantam Pocket Books, 6/1947, paperback, 6.25", #441 {lt} 

s. Bantam Pocket Books, 9/1950, paperback, 6.25", #441 {lt} 

t. Buccaneer, 1975 {BIP 1989-90} 

u. Buccaneer, 1977, 8.75" high, blue, title on spine, published without dust jacket {lt}

v. Thorndike, 1982,  8.33" high, light green, brown spine, large print edition, cover picture of hair and face with 2 birds, published without dust jacket.

w. McCormick-Armstrong, 1987, 8.62", dark green, Shepherd of the
 Hills Farm, shepherd on cover, photos throughout from play in Branson, Mo.  Published without dust jacket {lt} 

W2. COLOR ART,  Pictoral - Shepherd Hardback SOH Historical Society Edition Cr 1987

W3. None Listed Brn -Oval OM Cabin Hardback SOH Historical Society Edition Cr 1987

x. Bethany, 1988, 8" paperback, "edited for modern readers" by Philips

XA. BETHANY HOUSE, Rust-Dk Brn-Gold Hard Back - Cr 1988 

y. Blue Ribbon Books, (1937) 8.5", blue, "by arrangement with Appleton/ Century," {1, Cumulative Book Index, 1933-37, p. 2636, also in HBW museum, Branson, MO} 

z. Appleton  {BIP 1901-28}

za. Pelican, paperback, 1992

Z2. PELICAN,  Paperback Pub 1994 - Shepherd, sheep & trees on cover


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