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Compiled by Gerry Chudleigh 
April 25, 1990


Note: This entire five box collection is evidently from the personal and professional collection of Elsbery W. Reynolds, Wright's publisher from 1902 until 1919, and Wright's partner in movie production until about 1922. The collection consists mostly of material Wright sent to Reynolds' publishing company, The Book Supply Company, for publication, plus a few things sent to Reynolds personally.   The only materials in the collection that date later than 1922 are a modern photocopy of a chapter from a book that talks about Wright, and a newspaper clipping from 1963.  Both of these items are so much newer than the rest of the collection that I assume they were added after the collection came to the library, or at about the same time.

PHOTOGRAPHS. no place, no date.   101 items. The photographs are filed in 4 folders and
consist of pictures of Wright, several friends, his desert writing places, and publicity photos from his 1919 silent movie, "The Shepherd of the Hills."  The following are my interpretation of the photos in the four folders.  I am sure I made several mistakes in identifying the characters in the movie photos. --Chudleigh

BOX 1, FOLDER 1  Personal photographs (16 items) :

  • View of back of Wright on horse, 2"x 3"
  • Small faded photograph of two matching framed portraits, one of a man, the other of a woman.  2-1/2" x 3-7/8"
  • Wright and others sitting on ground in desert on picnic. 3-1/4 x 5-1/8"
  • Printed copy of desert picnic described above.
  • Portrait of Wright seated in wooden chair. 4" x 6"
  • Printed card with Wright family portrait on front, and biographical sketch of Wright and family on back. Dated1914. The picture is 5-5/8 x 3-3/4"
  • Wright sitting with two guests outside arrow-weed study, on his ranch, "Tecolote Rancho," near El Centro, CA. circa 1910-1915. 3" x 5"
  • Signed portrait of woman whose first name is Ella and whose last name begins with a B. Maybe Buchanan. 6.5" x 8.5"
  • Portrait of Wright with retouched shirt, tie, jacket. This photo is used on front of brochure advertising his1919 movie, "The Shepherd of the Hills." 6" x 8"
  • Duplicate of retouched portrait above
  • Un-retouched original of above portrait. "ok EWR" penciled on back. 6" x 8"
  • Print of un-retouched portrait above in folder. Signed, "Sincerely yours, Harold Bell Wright." 5.75 x 8"
  • Striking portrait of Wright with very stylish city clothes and hat. 7.5 x 9.5"
  • Portrait of Wright looking very serious. 7.5 x 9.5"
  • Wright fishing in stream. 7.25 x 9.25" (Publicity photo)
  • Wright fishing. (duplicate)

BOX 1, FOLDER 2-3 -- Movie publicity photographs. (73 items) From 1919, 10-reel, silent movie, "The Shepherd of the Hills," produced by The Harold Bell Wright Story-Picture Corporation of which E. W. Reynolds was President. The pictures are numbered (2 -105), but some numbers are difficult or impossible to read, and at least 35 are missing.


  •   2. Shepherd by sheep corral
  •   4. Pete and Shepherd (?) In this photo and number 8, the shepherd looks very different from other photos of Shepherd. He has longer hair and beard and rolled up pants. May be someone else.
  •   5. Mr. and Mrs. Matthews bending over dying daughter, Maggie. Mr. Matthews vowing revenge.
  •   6. Artist (Shepherd's son) talking to Maggie
  •   7. Pete and sheep
  •   8. Shepherd (?) , Pete, Matt, and Sammy
  •   9. Mr. Matthews talking to Pete and Shepherd
  • 10. Sammy, Shepherd, Pete, and dog in front of cabin
  • 11. Mr. Matthews swearing revenge at Maggie's grave
  • 14. Shepherd reading to Sammy on porch
  • 15. Shepherd, Pete, Sammy, with injured sheep
  • 16. Shepherd, Pete, Sammy, with injured sheep. From distance.
  • 18. Sammy and Pete
  • 20. Matt preparing to draw gun outside Shepherd's cabin
  • 21. Pete and Shepherd
  • 22. Shepherd "on porch of his cabin
  • 23. Jim Lane and woman in covered wagon by cabin.
  • 24. Mrs. Matthews in cabin mending socks
  • 25. Shepherd, Mr. Matthews, Pete
  • 26. Shepherd showing flowers to Sammy. Pete watches.
  • 26. Shepherd showing. ..(duplicate of above)
  • 28. Artist painting picture of Maggie at spring by cabin
  • 28. Artist painting. ..(duplicate of above)
  • 30. Wash Gibbs and 7 bad friends approaching Matt whom they have just shot and Shepherd who is bending over Matt.
  • 31. Mr. Matthews
  • 32. Jim Lane and Shepherd attending to Matt after Wash Gibbs and friends tried to hang Matt and Shepherd.
  • 34. Shepherd visiting with Mrs. Matthews on her porch
  • 38. Wash Gibbs and two bad friends sneaking up to cabin.
  • 40. Old Matt and Shepherd on porch. Shepherd hangs head after Mr. Mat thews tells him what Shepherd's son did to Maggie.
  • 43. Pete giving flower to Shepherd
  • 45. Young Matt standing with Shepherd by sheep corral
  • 50. Possibly Jed Holland, the first person the Shepherd met. Jed directed Shepherd to Matthews' for lodging.
  • 51. Mr. and Mrs. Matthews looking down trail with smiles.
  • 52. Sammy and Jim Lane
  • 54. Matt and Sammy
  • 55. Matt chopping wood
  • 56. Matt helping Sammy dismount from horse
  • 56. Matt helping. ..(duplicate of above)
  • 57. Mr. and Mrs. Matthews, Matt, Sammy, Shepherd at Matthews' house.
  • 58. Matt chopping wood


  • 59. Maggie breaking stick, unhappy after artist left
  • 60. Artist putting flower in Maggie's hair
  • 61. Shepherd praying in Matthews' attic bedroom after being told what his son did to Old Matt's daughter.
  • 63. Artist and Maggie by cabin and sheep corral
  • 64. Uncle Ike outside Post Office
  • 65. Sammy setting table for Jim Lane
  • 66. Shepherd and Dr. Coughlan talking in Shepherd's cabin
  • 67. Uncle Ike in front of Post office
  • 68. Jim Lane in cabin with gun drawn"
  • 69. Dr. Coughlan knocking on Shepherd's cabin door.
  • 71. Sammy eating with Jim Lane
  • 72. Wash Gibbs approaching frightened Sammy in Cabin
  • 73. Sammy eating with Jim Lane
  • 74. Shepherd and Dr. Coughlan and Pete in cabin
  • 75. Pete leads Shepherd and Dr. Coughlan to Howard's cabin in Dewey cave.
  • 77. Shepherd teaching Sammy in cabin while Jim Lane watches
  • 78. Matt standing over fallen Wash Gibbs
  • 81. Uncle Ike handing letter to Sammy
  • 85. Ollie at Matthews' mill with Sammy
  • 86. Wash Gibbs' friend waiting on wagon. Sammy and Ollie on horses at Matthews' Mill. Wash Gibbs and Matt standing next to horses.
  • 89. Sammy and Pete in Shepherd's cabin with Shepherd
  • 91. Sammy and well-dressed Ollie in her cabin
  • 92. Sammy and plain Ollie arguing in cabin
  • 94. Shepherd, Sammy, Jim Lane
  • 95. Plain Ollie pleading with unresponsive Sammy in cabin
  • 96. Ragged Sammy and well-dressed Ollie in her cabin
  • 98. Jim Lane in cabin playing violin
  • 100. Jim Lane in cabin
  • 102. Jim Lane and Sammy in cabin
  • 103. Sammy leaning on sheep fence by cabin
  • 104. Jim Lane and Sammy in Texas by grave of Mrs. Lane.
  • 105. Jim Lane and Sammy beside grave of Sammy's mother in Texas
  • ? Young artist (Howard, Shepherd's son) appealing to Maggie (Matthews' daughter).
  • ? Matt and Mr. Matthews ready to chop wood.

BOX 1, FOLDER 4 -- Photographs of "Camp Hole-in the Mountain," on the south slope of the Santa Catalina Mountain foothills near Tucson, Arizona. Here Wright wrote When A Man's A Man in 1916. 15 items.

  • Arizona desert scenery. Corner fencepost in foreground
  • Arizona desert scenery.
  • Arizona desert scenery.
  • A desert canyon.
  • Wright in tent at "Camp Hole-in the Mountain"
  • "Camp "Hole-in-the-Mountain" with additional tents.
  • "Camp Hole-in-the-Mountain," three tents.
  • "Camp Hole-in-the-Mountain," five tents.
  • "Camp Hole-in-the-Mountain" from distance.
  • "Camp Hole-in-the-Mountain." Close shot showing large shade tarp and several hammocks.
  • "Camp Hole-in-the-Mountain."
  • "Camp Hole-in-the-Mountain," showing tents.
  • "Camp Hole-in-the-Mountain" desert scenery with saguaro
  • Man (possibly Wright) wearing "Smokey Bear" hat at "Camp Hole-in-the-Mountain" with two horses.
  • Close-up of Wright writing at outdoor shaded table at "Camp Hole-in-the-Mountain, " Arizona. He is dressed in all white clothes including hat and shoes.

BOX ONE: ILLUSTRATIONS for Their Yesterdays.  no page, no date. Several duplicates of each of the four illustrations used in Wright's sixth book, Their Yesterdays.  Chicago, 1912.  Several copies are untrimmed and have no titles printed on them.  Other copies are trimmed and have titles printed on them. but they are not the same titles as in the book.

  • "Dreams of Womanhood" 3 trimmed, 4 untrimmed
  • "Blessed Yesterdays" 3 trimmed, 4 untrimmed
  • "Led by a Little Child" 3 trimmed, 6 untrimmed, including one untrimmed black and white.
  • "Giving All That Was Given" 3 trimmed, 3 untrimmed

BOX ONE: EPHEMERA. n.p., n.d.  16 items. The material is filed in two folders:

Folder One: Ephemera

  • A permit for a minor (Edward Peil) under the age of 18 to work in the production of motion pictures for Wright. Permit good only for September 6, 1922.
  • A copy of a contract (in 6 exhibits) dated September 6, 1922, wherein Elsbery W. Reynolds, sells to M. Rosenberg and Sol Lessor, the "exclusive universal motion picture and spoken stage rights . . . together with the exclusive and universal right to use the titles and themes . . . and to adapt,  arrange, change, transpose, add to or subtract from the themes and title . . . to such extent as the purchasers may deem expedient" . . . to make movies from Wright's first 9 books. Wright is named as a witness.
  • Wright's signature "Harold" for The Recreation of Brian Kent, p.5
  • A photo copy of that portion of Frank Luther Mott's book, Golden Multitudes, which deals critically with Wright.                          

Folder Two: 12 items. Newspaper clippings about Wright.

  • Allentown, PA Democrat, 9/7/11
  • Baltimore News, 9/9/11
  • Birmingham News, 9/9/11
  • Brooklyn Daily Eagle, 9/9/11
  • Anderson Indiana Herald, 9/17/11
  • Ansonia, Conn. Evening Sentinel, 9/12/11
  • Burlington Iowa Hawkeye, 9/13/11
  • Bismark Herald, 9/17/11
  • Allentown, Penn. Morning Call, n.d.
  • Indianapolis News, Sept 12, 1914
  • Rochester Herald, Sept. 12, 1914 ~~e. .Xerox copy of Riverside, CA Press Enterprise 3/3/63


  • Letter to E. W. Reynolds. From Redlands, CA, May 4, 1910. Holograph. Wright tells E. W. Reynolds he is sending to him the autograph manuscript of the Uncrowned King (Included in this collection).  Pleads with Reynolds to not change a single word for publication.
  • Letter to H. G. Cory. From California. February 26, 1913. Comments on article Cory wrote and sent to Wright. Holograph.
  • Unused postcard. Blank on one side. Photo on part of other side showing Wright and wife sitting in living room in front of huge bookcase. Carved elephants on pedestal, huge dog on floor.

BOX ONE: THE UNCROWNED KING. Redlands, California, 1910

  • One hardbound copy. Worn and dirty. Identical to published first edition except notice printed inside says, "This prospectus dummy is the property of The Book Supply Company and is not for sale." There is also a notice glued inside entitled, "vital Facts For Every Bookseller."
  • One crudely bound volume--the one described in the letter to E. W. Reynolds of May 4, 1910--that includes the autograph manuscript of The Uncrowned King, and a  typescript copy. Both have extensive changes throughout. Manuscript is written with pen and ink.
  • One volume in same type crude canvas binding containing a typescript of The Uncrowned King.   


  • Original ink drawing of arrow-weed studio at "Tecolote Rancho," near El Centro, CA. Framed and under glass. Frame is 8.5" x 14". Outline of picture is 5.75" x 11.25". Dated 1916. Signed with author's initials.

Box 2

THAT PRINTER OF UDELL'S  432 leaves. Typescript. Filed in 2 folders. Appears that it could be Wright's personal copy from which he read, one chapter per week, to his congregation in Pittsburg, Kansas, circa 1901. Each chapter is separately bound with string near left margin. There are extensive drawings on almost every page on top, bottom, and side margins, and over the typed copy. Drawings are mostly in blue ink with red ink accents.

THE SHEPHERD OF THE HILLS  Chicago, 1907. 306 leaves. Typescript with many holographic changes and corrections and a few holographic notes. Every leaf has the title "The Strength of the Hills," printed at the top. On every leaf the title is lined through with a pencil. On the title page and on the preceding page that has only the title on it, the title, "The Strength of the Hills," is typed. In both instances each letter of the word, "Strength"' is thoroughly crossed out and the word, "Shepherd," is hand-written above the line.

THE RECREATION OF BRIAN KENT  California, 1919. 315 leaves. Typescript with holographic corrections and a few holographic notes to the publishers. Filed in two folders.

Box 3

THE CALLING OF DAN MATTHEWS. Chicago, 1909. 351 leaves. Typescript with extensive holographic corrections and notations to publisher. Crudely bound with string in a brown cloth cover.

THEIR YESTERDAYS. Chicago, 1912. ~.255 leaves. Manuscript and typescript with various notations and corrections pasted in, with corrected pages inserted. 

THE EYES OF THE WORLD. Chicago, 1914. 455 leaves. Typescript with extensive holographic corrections. Loosely laced in paper cover.

Box 4

THEIR YESTERDAYS. Chicago, 1912. 248 leaves. Typescript with holographic notations, and instructions to the publisher. Filed in modern manila envelope.

THE WINNING OF BARBARA WORTH n.p, n.d. 521 leaves. Typescript with holographic corrections and notations to publisher. Filed in 4 folders.

Box 5

WHEN A MAN'S A MAN  n.p., 1916. Manuscript. This is a holograph written entirely with a pencil. Many holographic changes and corrections. Filed in 4 folders.

WHEN A MAN'S A MAN  n.p., 1916. Typescript. This appears to be the same version with a few penciled corrections.

[n.p. = no page,  n.d. = no date]

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